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Ball Dresses Laskari

Experience the Atmosphere of Vienna Ball Season with High-Fashion Gowns from LASKARI

Vienna Ball Season

LASKARI, the haute couture fashion brand, has once again proven its excellence as an official partner of the Vienna Opera Ball for the sixth consecutive year. The prestigious event, which took place after two years of lockdown, was a triumphant comeback for LASKARI, as it showcased its exquisite designs to a global audience.

Opera Ball Dress Laskari
Ball Dress Laskari

This year, LASKARI was not only honored to be the partner of the Ball Season, but it also collaborated with Dyson Austria and was chosen by two of the most influential bloggers, Tatjana Kreuzmayr and Leonie Derow, for Kaffee Sieder Ball. The brand's elegant and refined dresses were the talk of the town at these events, and it was evident that LASKARI had set a new standard for high-end fashion.

Laskari Dress in Opera

The two dresses that were showcased during the Vienna Opera Ball, as chosen by Maria Großbauer and first violin Lidia Baich, were named as the best dresses of the night by the national newspaper Kurier. It was an incredible achievement for LASKARI, and it was a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering exquisite fashion.

Ball Dress Laskari in Opera
Ball Dress Laskari in Opera

Moreover, LASKARI's designs have also caught the attention of the fashion blogger and influencer Katarzyna Kijowska, who chose one of the brand's dresses for the Opera Ball. It was a significant endorsement for LASKARI, and it showcased the brand's ability to appeal to different audiences.

As you can see from the accompanying gallery of celebrities, LASKARI's dresses were a hit with the attendees of the Ball Season. The brand has truly set a new standard for haute couture fashion, and it's no surprise that it has become a go-to choice for the most influential figures in the industry.

Overall, LASKARI's triumph at the Vienna Ball Season 2023 was a testament to the brand's exceptional quality and craftsmanship. With its innovative designs and commitment to excellence, LASKARI is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of haute couture fashion. We cannot wait to see what the brand has in store for us next year at the Vienna Ball Season 2024!